What are OKRs?


Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) are simple a framework for focusing on the most important things to do, creating a shared understanding of what success looks like, and tracking everyone's progress towards the goal.


Invented over 30 years ago and popularised at Google, LinkedIn and other huge tech firms, OKRs are a proven and tested way to create high performing teams. Read more about OKRs here.


You can use OKRs in your team, your department or across your entire company to keep everyone focused on the most important things to do. And with OKRDash, you can easily visualise progress towards your goals.

OKR Dash is currently 100% free

Our aim is that OKR Dash will always be free for individual product managers / owners. This is a brand new tool so we're always adding features. Later on we will add some paid features for companies to take advantage of.

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